Loosening the Noose

When a friend recently told me that the word witch actually means wise, I was jolted into tears. All the negative connotations wrapped tightly around that word trembled, cracked, and dismantled. I could feel again what is at the root of it, what has been persecuted and in hiding in myself and others for so […]

Reclaiming Selfishness

These children, following their pleasure, following their intuition, selfishly full of themSelves in the best possible way. They scream and cry when they want the red cup not the purple one, to us it makes no sense, it is just a cup, they should be happy with what they got, we shouldn’t reward “bad behavior” […]

True Boundaries

There is a big difference between neglecting children to do as they please because the parent is emotionally and/or physically absent and being a present parent who partners with children as they are allowed to make the choices that feel good to them. Some parents may lean towards a more restrictive way of being with […]

Wide Open Love

Hey there my child– There is nothing you can do or not do that will make me love you less. I will not steer your choices or your interests by showing more approval for you when you make a certain choice over another. You do not need to sculpt who you are into a version […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Teresa. An unschooling mom, an actress, and a mentor for women who want to connect more deeply with themselves and their children.

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