Work with Me

I am by nature a nurturer & a listener,
empathetic & loving

I offer my services as a witness, a reflector, a question-asker, a space-holder, a guide

a presence able to shine light

on the essence of who you are, as you tune in & Listen to yourSelf

a sister~

to walk with you on your journey of

discovery and becoming,

of introspection & unbecoming,

in your life and expression.

Offering you tools, practices, and loving presence

to support you on your unfolding.

Some issues I am able to offer you support around:

-creating a felt-sense relationship with the wisdom of your body

-partnering with your children, being a conscious parent, and/or unschooling

-connecting to your erotic & sensual self, whether single or partnered

-finding ways to make your long-term relationship crackle again

-inner-child/inner mother: re-parenting yourself to nurture your emotional healing

-working with difficulties in life in ways that ignite growth

-using your Desires and your Joy as your inner compass to orient you on your life path

-connecting with purpose through a creative path and creative expression

-incorporating spiritual practice into your daily life no matter how ‘busy’ you are

-any other topic you feel called to explore together

I support you to build a rich relationship with yourself

and to orient your life from this place:

connected to yourself,

connected to Source.

Spirituality. Embodiment. Sensuality. Parenting. Creativity. Pleasure. Expression.


After spending a chunk of my twenties meditating in a Zen monastery, my connection to breath, body, and Being became a priority in my life.

When I left the monastery, my spiritual practice became deeply interwoven with my parenting & daily life and I have added practices of movement, breathwork, sounding, creative expression, and pleasure.

Work with me to have a sister and a mentor on your path of delving more deeply into your own process of touching Source and living a life that is an expression of that connection.


Specializing in radical unschooling and partnership parenting, I can support you to build a more authentic connection with your children and to heal and grow your own heart along the way.

Inner child work, inner mothering, using guided practices to root down into the essence of who you are so that you can parent from that innate well of energy, vibrancy and inner connection. Doing this work and shedding layers so that you may remember your natural Wholeness and partner with your children as they shine in their Wholeness too.

Group Work

Coming soon!

I am excited to be creating a group session where we will come together in a virtual container to do this work side by side, create friendships, hold each other accountable, and mirror for each other the pure radiance of Being that we each inhabit.

Reach out to me if you are interested in this option. It will be an affordable, 5 week course, meeting once a week via Zoom with exercises and prompts to complete independently in between group meetings, as well as group chat & support.

$120 for a single one-hour session

$800 for a 6 session package with messaging support between sessions

Connect with me:

Let’s work together to create more Connection.

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