Hi there-

I’m Teresa.

I live on an island in the middle of the Salish sea with my husband and three daughters.

I love to play with my kids, swim in the Puget Sound, dance my heart out, write about my internal process, learn from my emotions, act, sing, laugh, make delicious food, watch shows with my family, heal, evolve, & become more and more mySelf.

It is my belief that we are each on a journey of becoming & expanding,

of deeply unfolding into the fullness of who we are, based on our connection to our Divine Core.

A bit from my history:

When I was 21, craving a more connected and embodied way of being, I headed off to a Zen Buddhist monastery in Japan.

I ended up staying there for nearly 5 years, meeting my future husband there, and conceiving our first child there–that was our cue to leave the monastery and graduate on to the next stage of our spiritual journey: parenthood!

I now work with women to support them on their journey of self-exploration, connected parenting, and creating deeply intimate relationships with themselves and with Source.

Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hello!

With Love,



I was honored to be interviewed by Pam Laricchia on her Exploring Unschooling podcast. Listen to the episode here or, if you want to see all my funny facial expressions and hand gestures, watch it on YouTube here 🙂

I was also interviewed by my wonderful husband on his YouTube channel . We talked about spirituality, Zen, parenthood, and more. You can view that video here.

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