Hi, my name is Teresa and I live on an island in the middle of the Salish sea with my husband and three daughters.

I grew up in Minneapolis, MN, spent one year of college in Bronxville, NY and the final three years of college in Walla Walla, Washington.

Directly after college graduation, craving a more connected and embodied way of being, I headed off to a Zen Buddhist monastery in Japan. I ended up staying nearly 5 years, meeting my future husband there, and conceiving our first child there–that was our cue to leave the monastery and graduate on to the next stage of our spiritual journey: parenthood!

This blog is a place for me to reflect on that journey: the intertwining of spirituality, parenthood, unschooling, and Self-discovery.

Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hello!


I was honored to be interviewed by Pam Laricchia on her Exploring Unschooling podcast. Listen to the episode here or, if you want to see all my funny facial expressions and hand gestures, watch it on YouTube here 🙂

I was also interviewed by my wonderful husband on his YouTube channel . We talked about spirituality, Zen, parenthood, and more. You can view that video here.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Cleo Simonett says:

    Hello, Teresa,

    What a cheery surprise to discover you in blog form. So you. I appreciate this connection as a way to stay “in touch” with you & yours. Thanks, Maui

    1. So glad you are here, Maui, and in touch!
      Love you, teresa

  2. Susan says:

    love this! what a beautiful start to an amazing blog. I would not have expected anything else from you. Big love – Susan

    1. aw, thank you Susan. thank you for reading. Big love to you, too—teresa

      1. Shawn Regan says:


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