The Storm and the Ocean Mother

Come to me with all that you are, child.

Show me how you feel with strength and boldness and wildness and clarity.

I can hold it all, child.

I can hold all of YOU.

Show me what you feel and I will remain calm, huge, wide, caring.

I will not be offended.

I will not be triggered.

I will not become reactive or defensive or tight or small.

I don’t need to draw a boundary to protect myself from you, because I am boundless in my response to you.

You are not able to abuse me, because when your strong emotions come to me, I meet them with depth and rootedness.

Come to me child.

I will hold you, I will hold all of you.

And as I learn to do this for you, I learn to do this for myself too.

And as I learn to do it for myself, I learn to do it more for you.

I can come to myself now, too.

When I hit a low, when I feel my own inner scream, when I become triggered or defensive or angry–I give myself space. I hold myself. I feel the presence of my large ocean mother–the presence of love and nurturing and expansiveness–she embraces me, she holds me, she takes in all that I am.

I am her and she is me, my inner mother goddess presence.

She soothes me, she is present while the storm of my emotions fumes and swirls and rages and trembles and cries. She strokes my head. She rubs my back. She understands. She does not judge me. She allows me to feel what I need to feel, until all the feeling is thoroughly felt.

And then the feeling releases. And quiets. And calms.

She offers me kind words. She sees me. We find a way forward together, united.

And I feel whole again.

I learn to do this for myself, mother myself.

So I can mother my children.

And by mothering my children, I learn again how to mother myself.

And the cycle continues. And grows. And expands.

Meeting all the storms with love and a wide-seeing embrace.

Over and over and over again.

This is how I learn to be more fully myself: by mothering my children.

And this is how I learn to mother my children: by being more fully myself.

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