Hello Loves—

I have been longing for some time to gather with women in circle–

to not only share deeply from our hearts

but also to MOVE and HOWL and shake loose and release the layers of emotion and holding we all carry within us,

that prevent us from showing up in our lives as our most full and vibrant selves.

Remember Her?

The Wild One inside who is loving and fierce and whole and enlivened?

Let’s support each other in connecting with Her by coming together.

Will you join me?

I am offering a monthly gathering at Whidbey Island Yoga Studio in Langley (222 Anthes, upstairs in the Porter Building) every third Friday of the month at 6:30pm.

I will facilitate several practices in an embodied ritual which will include breathwork, movement, and guided meditation.

Please share with friends or any special person in your life who you think would benefit from coming together in this way.

All beings across the femme-spectrum who resonate with the nature of this offering and are open to working with the energy of the womb* are welcome!

Donations accepted but not required,

Please dress comfortably and bring a water bottle.

I truly hope to see you there–

In Gratitude & Inner Wilderness,


*we can access the energy of the womb even if no womb organ is present

~An online version of Inner Wild as a monthly offering is coming soon~

If you have any questions, please reach out:

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