Reclaiming Sensuality

Women are often given the message that their sensuality is too much for the world to handle.

Hide it away, it is too much.

Too much of a turn on.

Too juicy.

Too distracting.

Too attention-seeking.

Too dangerous–if you show that aspect of yourself you will be used, get in trouble, be attaches, etc.

Women that do present their sexual nature are often seen as loose, easy, manipulative, shallow, needy, or ‘only good for that one thing’.

Women who are culturally allowed to present their sexual nature must be young, unmarried, child-free, and conform to the norms of what our society deems physically alluring (although these allowances shift depending on the race of the woman in question).

I reject these notions.

I reject all of them.

I believe a woman, showing up in her sensuality, is a woman steeped in her fullness.

She is connected to her inner power, her creative energy, and her life source.

She need not be a certain age, a certain skin color, a certain marital status, a certain body-type to be allowed and accepted in her sensuality.

All women deserve to live proudly in connection with their deeply sexual and sensual selves.

This is how we heal.

This is how we own ourselves.

This is how we use the full power of our bodies and our life energy, not separated or rejecting any aspect of ourselves.

This is how we become our most vibrant selves.

This is how we shed shame.

This is how we rise up, able to offer our fully embodied wisdom, creativity, intelligence, and depth.

We cannot sever this aspect of ourselves.

Reclaim it.

We must begin by engaging with the sensuality in ourselves, on our own terms, for our own pleasure.

Swirl our hips.


Breathe deeply.

Dance naked in front of the mirror.

Caress our own body.

Take yourself in our arms.

Slowly awaken again to the beauty that you are made of.

It is your birthright.

It is your liberation.

It doesn’t need to look a certain way.

It is not to please another’s gaze, rather is arises from within.

Explore it for yourself and see where this connection to your sensuality takes you, how it enlivens you and remembers you back to your natural, ecstatic wholeness.

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