Joy Stepping Stones

Note to self:

Do what excites you, they say,

follow your bliss.

Follow the fun,

follow the Joy,

do what delights you–

is it as simple as it seems?—

to know how to, to remember how to, to give yourself permission to:

tune in to Your Joy

(big and little, large and small)

Remember who you are by making choices

(big and little, large and small)

that are in alignment with Your Joy.

Not Joy as only big and shiny and robust and loud,

but also Joy as contentment, quiet, knowing, wholeness, rightness.

Joy as your priority.

Joy as your reason for being.

Joy is beckoning to you, calling to you,

it will wash over you when you surrender to it,

and at the same time, take action:

step out to meet your Joy, create your Joy by choosing to do the things that delight you, the things that feel right.

What if this is our purpose?

Stepping stones of Joy as your signposts that you are living the life you are meant to be living.

Joy as a message from your soul saying: Yes, this is your path, this is what you are meant for.

You are home. You are in Joy.

Perhaps this is through tears, your tears will release you into Joy,

Perhaps this is through honesty, your honesty will plug you into Joy,

Perhaps this is through vulnerability, your vulnerability will open you to Joy.

Perhaps this is through darkness, your acceptance will yield into Joy.

Is it done through dance, making art, watching a zillion episodes of a favorite show, talking with a dear friend, going for a walk, eating jellybeans or a fresh pear, standing at the water’s edge the moment before walking in, quietly asking yourself: what right now would feel good?—

Perhaps it is by remembering what you loved to do as a child and doing more of that.

Playing for the sake of play, no agenda!

And if you have children in your life, Joy is right there in the eyes of your children, they are professional Joy-connectors. They help us remember how to connect.

As you help them accomplish their Joys

(little and big, large and small),

as you surrender your judgement about what they should be doing rather than what they desire to do (following their Joy, always)–

They can be your expert guides in the land of Joy. Through their presence and playfulness you will remember the scope of this landscape, this Joyscape.

Children are brilliant: saying YES to what they want, saying NO to what they don’t want. And so they jump from one stone of Joy to the next, always following what feels good (as long as we don’t interrupt them with a cascade of shoulds and should nots).

And you can do that too. You can remember.

And once you intuitively feel those Joy stones beneath your feet, so smooth and vibrant, there is no where else you will want to step.

Flowing over the stones, the river of your Beingness–

following the Joy stone path. Your life was made for it.


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