Career Choice Mom

I’ve made a career choice.  I’m going to be a Mother.

That’s right, you read that correctly.  You might think it’s out of my league, you might think I’m overly ambitious.  You may wonder at my loftly aspiration.  Because I’m planning on being a Damn Good Mother, at that.  I’m going to give it my all.

It’s a big responsibility, I know.  It means I’ll have to let go of a lot of my other worldly pursuits, at least for the time being.  But it will be well worth it.  I am keeping my focus on my dream, my goal, and I am going to give everything I can to make my dream a reality:  my dream to be One Fucking Good Mom.

What if we viewed motherhood as a career?  What if we didn’t think in terms of having a career or being a stay-at-home mom?  What if being a stay-at-home parent was viewed as a career choice?  What if it was a paid position, complete with benefits and a retirement fund?

What if it carried an air of prestige?  I would run into people at parties and they’d be like, “Oh, you’re a mom (gasp and awe).”  As if I said I was a neuro surgeon or a movie star or a cia agent.

I love being a mother. I am so happy we aren’t doing school but instead living our days leisurely, lovingly, together at home and out and about in the world. Our time together is so sacred and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Yet, I wish parenthood was more respected in the worldly realm.  I wish it was a paying gig.  Don’t we all want to get paid well for what we are truly passionate about, at least in this capitalistic society we live in where the amount of financial compensation is supposedly equal to the value of the work you do?

I wish it was given oodles of support from the community at large, like, “Wow, you’re raising kids and not sending them to school! Here’s a $50,000 grant for the year (cause you deserve it and so do your kids!).  And by the way, we’ll do the laundry and the dishes and the grocery shopping, too.” Or, “Wow, you’re a mom at home with your children? Here’s a medal and a presitigious award that we will present to you at a glamorous evening gala awards ceremony and yes, of course you should bring kids! We’ll certainly make it a family-friendly affair!”

But being a parent isn’t like that. It is unrecognized, invisible labor. The rewards are HUGE if you’re able to live in loving connection with your children. If you do the internal work to be able to feel awesome when you’re with your kids! When your kids love you and love being with you and vice versa. That’s an incredibly rewarding feeling.

But I want to imagine a society where being a dedicated mother is honored and revered.

Maybe I simply need to acknowledge myself more. Maybe I need to stop hoping for external recognition, because all that is fleeting anyways. Maybe I need to rest, happy and rich in the knowledge and self-assurance that, Damn, I love my kids and they love me and we enjoy being ALIVE together! And that is worth more than any dollar sign or trophy received while wearing an evening gown.

And yet, wouldn’t it be incredible for kids, for the children (and therefore all the people!) of planet Earth, if the world-culture supported parents pursuing their parental vocations with verve and vigor. If having super-loving and respectful relationships with children was what mattered more than anything else in how a society was structured.

Imagine the healing that would occur! Imagine what a happy planet this would be!

What could be better for the evolution of humanity than to be filled with parents and caregivers able to nourish, protect and honor the spirits of our children from the moment they arrive in this world?

Not to punish, not to shame, not to strike against them or blanket them in guilt. Not to steer, or control, or manipulate or even teach. To trust and see children’s natural goodness.

It would be revolutionary.

I am here for the revolution. Please tell me you are here for it too 💗

2 responses to “Career Choice Mom”

  1. Radical, beautiful and SO TRUE❣️

    Love this!🙏💕wajun

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aaaaah, thank you so much, Wajun! ❤️


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