Relationship with Self

Lately I have been delving into my relationship with myself.


As life keeps me focused on the relationships I have with others, I am coming to realize the importance of the relationship with myself.

When I say my relationship with myself, I really mean my relationship with God, the Divine, Source, Love, which is also mySelf.

If I am feeling discord in my relationship with others, longing for them to be different so that I can experience my own sublimity—I give myself a nudge and a laugh.

This is my cue that I need to return to my relationship with mySelf, be the things for myself that I long for others to be for me. I need to nourish Her, for all love flows from there.


Note to self:

Be your own lover,

be your own best friend.

Be your own parent,

be your own therapist.

Treat yourself as you treat your dearest darling children.

See your golden light.

Tap into your joy.

Encourage your own splendor.

Buy yourself the best chocolate.

Have your favorite things on hand.

Give yourself money to spend as your fancy chooses,

on things that spark joy.

It is not trivial to spend on things that delight you,

it’s an investment in your own Divinity.

Listen to your favorite songs.

Explore the nuances of your soul:


be naked,

take a bath,

drink a beautiful tea,

eat only what pleases you, whenever it please you.

Move your body,

revel in yourself–

in your being, your body, your mind, your spirit, your heart.


Dance your dance,

dance as your Self,

dance into the fullness of who you are.

Listen to your favorite music,

delight in your own company,

laugh with yourself,

make love to yourself,

make love to every moment of your life,

every encounter.

Hold yourself when you cry,

let it all out.

You are your own safe container–

feel into what you need and do that,

give yourself just that.

Write yourself love poems,

take time to hear yourSELF

understand yourSelf

meet yourSelf

explore yourSelf

express yourSelf

listen to yourSelf.

Do it over and over and over again.

Choose yourSelf–

Your happiness,

Your desires,

Follow your intuition!

Explore this vast landscape of your Being

as your own dear friend, your own exquisite lover.

No one else coming to save you, no one else for you to save–

Be in your own magnificence,

swim in it!

Your connection with God, with goddess, with life, with energy, with Source, with Love, with Self!

This is the anchor, the most important,

the primary, the beginning, the end, the only–

this is THE relationship.

I could cry and collapse to my knees and kiss my own feet.

I AM glorious,

I AM beautiful,

I AM valuable,

I AM whole and magnificent,

I AM shining, layered, wise, and playful–

I am where the magic happens.

I am the Source of my own being.


I am the giver and the receiver.

I am the yin and the yang.

I am the darkness and the light.

I am the desired and the one desiring.

I am the goddess and the god.

I am the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

I am whole.

I am seen.

I am understood.

I am met.

I am meeting myself,

over and over,

celebrating myself,

again and again.

I am alive.

I am laughter.

I am tears.

I am vulnerability.

I am strength.

I am movement.

I am stillness.

There is no recognition outside myself that will make me more than I already am.


I recognize.

I hold myself.

I love myself.

I give to myself.

I care for myself.

I find connection everywhere,

because I am connected within.

I dance.

I fly.

I soar.

I live.

I am magnificent.





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